Client Identification Guideline
Objective: The main objective of this Guideline is for the protection of the “Company” and of the Client and for the prevention of having a false identity and having a fraudulent account.

Principal Objectives
1. Verify the identity of the Client/Client
2. Establish the Requirements
3. Prevent the illegal actions or activities of the Client
4. Confirm the legitimacy of the data and/or personal information provided by the Client
5. Examine the transactions of the Client
6. verify payment method

please note
KYC procedures will take part of doc verifying.
1. A document that can be used as proof of your residential address. These must show your residential address and not a PO Box or Private Bag number.

Examples of these documents are:

Utility bill
Bank statements
Recent lease or rental agreement
Rates invoice from your municipality
Mortgage / Home loan statement
Telephone or cell phone account
Recent insurance policy document
Gas or electricity bill

2. Proof of ID (Identity Card, National ID, Passport or Drivers license).
3. Credit card/s that you deposited your funds with. This should include copies of the back and the front.
Please note that you can conceal the first 12 digits on the front of the credit card and leave ONLY the last four.
Please also show the expiry date and the name on the card (If you used a Bank Deposit, Ignore this item).
refund and credit card deposits confirmation

4.wire transfer must send us the original swift attached to your deposit area or proof of payment,
the sender account named must be similar to the account we have on records and KYC docs

5. cryptocurrency
this payment must be sent only from the same account holder and we will ask for account ownership proof.

please note
a client who doesn’t pass the KYC will be fully refunded and not be able to receive any services from the company attached below.

Risk Warning: Trading Forex and Derivatives carries a high level of risk to your capital.
Media GC Limited (TradeGC) is a global broker providing online currencies and CFDs trading services. Media GC LTD is Financial Services Authority (by the “FSA”) Registered company under Register Number 24363 IBC Trade regional headquarters Media GC LTD 11071982 have been based in International house, 12 Constance Street, London E16 2DQ, United Kingdom, This register stands as confirmation that all Media GC Limited business activities comply with international standards for providing services.
Payments will be processed by Media GC Ltd 24363 IBC Financial Services Authority (by the “FSA”) EU registered office international house, 12 Constance Street, London E16 2DQ, United Kingdom
Please note Trade GC does not give service to USA Clients, Canada, France entities or residents of any kind. While we welcome clients from all over the globe.