Refund Policy
Refund funds from an account is only possible upon signing and sending the following documents:

Proof of ID (Identity Card, National ID, Passport or Drivers license).
A document that can be used as proof of your residential address. These must show your residential address and not a PO Box or Private Bag number.

Examples of these documents are:

Utility bill
Bank statements
Recent lease or rental agreement
Rates invoice from your municipality
Mortgage / Home loan statement
Telephone or cell phone account
Recent insurance policy document
Gas or electricity bill
Credit card/s that you deposited your funds with. This should include copies of the back and the front.
Please note that you can conceal the first 12 digits on the front of the credit card and leave ONLY the last four.
Please also show the expiry date and the name on the card (If you used a Bank Deposit, Ignore this item).
refund and credit card deposits confirmation (Click “Continue” in order to generate and print this document).
You may also scan these documents (to JPG, DOC or PDF) and E-mail them to

Funds deposited with credit cards, will be credited upon refunded to the card/s, up to the limit of the deposited amount.
The refund amount will be deducted from your account balance.

** A refund funded to your credit card may take up to 10 working days.

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